Past Experiences Table of Contents

See the various results listed below including verdicts and settlements classified by case type.

Automobile AccidentMILLION PLUS $1,150,000.00 Settlement (Single car accident- drinking alcohol involved)

Automobile Accident – $270,000.00 Settlement (Distracted driver ran light)

Automobile Accident – $157,000.00 Verdict (Great verdict on low medical bills)

Automobile Accident – $475,000.00: $100,000 Settlement & $375,000 Award vs. Mo-Dot.  (Head-on collision dangerous entrance ramp)

Automobile Accident – $100,000.00 & $56,000.00 Settlement

Automobile Accident – $18,000.00 Verdict (3 times last offer)

Automobile Accident – $158,605.00, Settlement, dangerous road condition

Automobile Accident – $675,000.00 Settlement, detached trailer on road

Automobile Accident – $35,500.00 Verdict

Automobile Accident – $147,000.00 Settlement ($16,000 Medical bills, minor thrown from trunk of vehicle by adult while car surfing)

Automobile/ Pedestrian Accident – $850,000.00 Settlement (Closed head injury, liability disputed, pedestrian hit while getting into vehicle)

Automobile Accident – $277,000.00 Settlement ( passenger, eye injury, alcohol allegedly involved, under-insured and uninsured motorist)

Automobile Accident – $141,600.00 Settlement (Construction worker caused accident, facial scar, less than $5,000 in medical bills)

Automobile / Pedestrian Accident – $45,000.00 Verdict ($12,000 in medical bills, last offer $6,000)

Automobile AccidentMILLION PLUS  $1,300,000.00 (Closed head injuries and fractured vertebrae)

Automobile Accident – $575,000.00 Settlement (Drunk Driving Accident Causing Subtle Brain Injury)

Automobile Accident – $275,000.00 Settlement (Vehicle left the scene; Uninsured Motorist coverage)

Boat / Personal Watercraft Accident – $575,000.00 Settlement (Lake of the Ozarks, boat ran over jet ski, settled after discovery and near trial)

Truck Accident – $76,000.00 Verdict(Cervical disc no operation)

Truck/Pedestrian Accident, Wrongful Death MILLION PLUS $1,900,000.00 Verdict (Record Wrongful Death Verdict, Largest verdict for person over age of 70)

Defamation – $325,000.00 Settlement (Watch what you say on T.V.)

Medical Negligence/MalpracticeMULTIMILLION $4,750,000.00 Medical Malpractice Settlement, Roux-en-Y Vitamin B1 Thiamine Deficiency

Medical Negligence (Wrongful Death) MULTIMILLION $4,500,000.00 Settlement (2007 Record-Highest Verdict in Missouri for medical negligence)

Medical Negligence/Malpractice – $500,000.00 Verdict (Trial in St. Louis, case went to Supreme Court to reinstate the jury’s verdict vacated by judge)

Medical NegligenceMILLION PLUS $1,695,000.00 Settlement (Roux-n-y gastric by-pass leak, she lived to tell about it, thank God)

Medical NegligenceMILLION PLUS $1,964,172.00 (Cerebral palsy, expected lifetime payout over $12,000,000.00)

Medical Negligence – $500,000.00 Settlement (Patient expired within hours of discharge from St. Louis area hospital, case against hospital and doctor)

Medical Negligence – $230,000.00 Settlement (Drug reaction, TENS toxic epidermal necrolysis,Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, death of elderly pt.)

Medical Negligence – $576,000.00 Settlement (Breast cancer, failure to properly handle mammogram results)

Medical Negligence – Confidential Settlement ( failure to timely perform cesarian section;  failure to have an extra available operating room)

Medical Malpractice-Premise Liability – $175,000.00 Verdict (Cerebral palsy victim injured by residential care facility, bath tub burns)

Medical Malpractice-Premise Liability – $70,000.00 Verdict (Counselor attacked in residential care facility by random patient)

Medical Malpractice-Premise Liability – $500,000.00 Settlement (Man attempted suicide while in-patient in locked psychiatric unit)

Negligence Hydraulic Fluid Injury-$250,000.00 Settlement (Negligent Repair of Hydraulic Hose on a Tractor)

Product Liability – $400,000.00 Verdict (Rechargeable battery in toy car exploded while recharging, eye injury)

Product Liability – $450,000.00 Settlement (Needle stick injury to care giver)

Product LiabilityMULTIMILLION  $2,000,000.00 Settlement, defective automobile design of restraint system (Japanese Auto Manufacturer, shoulder belt)

Product Liability -$45,000.00 Settlement (Retractable dog leash-finger injury)

Product Liability – $525,000.00 Settlement (Alleged defective motorcycle, kickstand, in custom manufactured motorcycle)

Product Liability – $100,000.00 Settlement (Dangerously rigid plastic knife for kitchen toy set advertised for 4-6 year old children)

Product Liability – Confidential Settlement (Bystander who was struck on the eye by the device when it was thrown by a young child)

Premise Liability – $395,000.00 Settlement (Case against Plaintiff’s Mother and collected against her homeowners insurance company, which resisted payment)

Premise LiabilityMULTIMILLION $4,771,000.00 Settlement ( Hotel swimming pool, near drowning, subtle brain injury, third case against same pool)

Premise Liability – $950,000.00 Verdict (patron murdered after fight in the restaurant, offer $30,000)

Premise Liability – $327,500.00 Settlement (Slip and fall at large retail store)

Premise Liability – Confidential Settlement, Dangerous wheelchair ramp

Premise Liability MILLION $1,000,000.00.  Client fell through unguarded Plexiglas Skylight adjacent to sidewalk on Laclede’s Landing.

Workers Compensation – Permanent Total Benefits Awarded (Lifetime Award)

Workers Compensation – Permanent Injury to Body as a Whole

Workers Compensation – $100,000.00 Settlement

Workers Compensation – $100,000.00 Settlement (Electrocution, insurance company denied coverage at the time of the loss)

Workers Compensation – Permanent Total Disability-Trial Award (Lifetime Award)

Workers Compensation – $100,000 Settlement

Workers Compensation – $500,00.00 Settlement (Falling from a water tower)

Wrongful Death/Premise LiabilityMILLION $1,000,000.00 Settlement (Hotel swimming pool drowning of minor child)