Premise Liability Injuries


If you are injured on the property of another, including commercial or residential property, you may have a premise liability claim. Typically the injury must be caused by the negligence of the owner, or possessor, or a dangerous condition on the property.  In Missouri there is a limited exception where landlords, owners of businesses and common carriers can be liable for injuries or death caused by the intentional criminal attacks of known or unknown assailants. These include rape, sexual assaults, physical assaults, battery, and other crimes and damages.

We have handled numerous claims against hotels for dangerous conditions at swimming pools.  We have also obtained verdicts and settlements arising out of the architectural design of premises including their staircases and floor plans. Some of these claims are as simple as slip and fall claims and as complicated as murders that could have been prevented with adequate security.

Premise liability claims also include claims arising out of injuries caused by animals. We have handled numerous animal attack cases including several to verdicts.  The majority of these claims involve dog attacks. Claims can be brought against the dog owner or the harborer of the dog. These claims can be brought whether the attack occurred at the residence of the dog owner or while the dog was at large.

We have handled numerous suits for dog bites and attacks, including cases that made new law in the State of Missouri regarding jury instructions and ordinance violations.

Other similar claims include food poisoning claims against restaurants, banquet facilities and fast food restaurants.  Our attorneys have handled dozens of claims relating to food borne illnesses including bacterial poisoning and dental and other injuries due to the provision of food that is not fit for consumption.  It is of utmost importance that you contact us immediately.  Please see our blog on food poisoning claims.

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We have multiple six figure cases and  several cases well in excess of a million dollars in the area of premise liability.  See our past experiences section.