Small Cameras at Intersections, Do These Record?


A common question asked is whether these small intersection cameras record anything and can anyone get a copy of the video or see the video somewhere?  According to the MoDOT, these cameras do not record anything and are only for controlling the traffic lights more efficiently. See: .

Example of a Pipe Extension Camera




The overhead cameras you see at a traffic signal are solely for detecting the presence of vehicles in order to provide the best distribution of green time based on traffic demand. They are cost-effective replacements for in-ground induction loops that are cut into the pavement.

The cameras are not focused on you the driver, but instead on your vehicle as it moves towards the intersection. As your vehicle enters defined areas or “zones” within the camera’s field of view, the camera’s processor detects a change in the “zone”. An output is sent to the traffic signal’s controller (the computerized “brain” housed in a nearby metallic cabinet controlling the intersection’s timing) that says a vehicle is requesting green time for its direction.





The red rectangles are the “zones” drawn via processor software to target the areas to detect vehicles.

Typical view from a video detection camera:

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