Josh Hancock

2007- Josh Hancock, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher was involved in a fatal motor vehicle collision.  We were involved in the successful defense of the tow truck driver who was sued by the family of St Louis Cardinal’s pitcher Josh Hancock after he was killed when he ran into the back of the tow truck while intoxicated. Our strategy, which was closely followed by the local and national media, caused the lawsuit to be dismissed and the claims discharged by the Hancock Family. This case was the subject of national and local news media coverage. Although we attacked the case as frivolous, in radio interviews, Kmox Interview of June 20, 2007, Mr. Pedroli explained how this case should not reflect upon other legitimate cases in the civil system. A settlement was reached in the Joshua Hancock civil suit (exclusive St. Louis Post-Dispatch). The tow truck driver received a settlement for his injuries for the negligence of Hancock.

USA Today Story
NBC Sports story and video
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Kmox Interview of June 20, 2007
Exclusive St. Louis Post-Dispatch
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