St. Louis Landfill Burning

If you or your family has been adversely affected by this urban catastrophe, you may have recourse.  Don’t let these large corporations and the government trample your rights.  Join us in becoming part of a group that takes on those responsible for the adverse health and property effects of the landfill.

There are four potentially responsible parties for the damages caused by the West Lake Superfund site. The first is the U.S. Department of Energy. The second is Cotter Corporation.  This company’s contractors secretly dumped nuclear waste at West Lake in the 1970’s.  The third is Bridgeton Landfill LLC, a subsidiary of Republic Services.  The fourth is Rock Road Industries LLC, another subsidiary of Republic Services.  This company currently runs the landfill. Under Superfund law, these four parties must ultimately foot the bill for any remedial actions ordered by the EPA; at the same time, it is these same four parties that contract and pay for all EPA studies leading up to a decision. This might seem like a conflict of interest, but Gravatt insists it’s all on the up and up: “We tell them what to do.” It must be a coincidence, then, that the EPA’s capping plan cost the potentially responsible parties only $41 million, compared to up to $415 million required to actually excavate the waste.

Pedroli & Gauthier is now taking on cases involving the fire at the waste dump in Bridgeton, Missouri.  The smoldering waste is an unavoidable presence in town, giving off a putrid odor that clouds the air miles away – an overwhelming stench described by one area woman as “rotten eggs mixed with skunk and fertilizer.”  If you have been affected by the waste dump fire in any way, please contact Pedroli & Gauthier immediately.

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