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Robert H. Pedroli, Jr.

Daniel J. Gauthier

Eric A. Ruttencutter


We are a St. Louis area law firm located in Clayton the county seat for St. Louis County, Missouri. We are conveniently located near the geographic center of the St. Louis metropolitan area. We are one block from the Missouri Circuit Court for the County of St. Louis, ten minutes from the Missouri Circuit Court for the City of St. Louis and from the Missouri Circuit Court for the County of St. Charles, and fifteen minutes from Illinois.

A substantial area of our practice relates to the representation of people who have claims which involve “MEDICAL-LEGAL” matters. Medical-legal matters deal with the application of your legal rights resulting from any physical or mental injury/damage to you or a family member including wrongful death.

If your physical or mental health and well being have been impaired from the conduct of others there may be a legal obligation to compensate you for the damages. Such situations are diverse and can include:

medical mistakes (malpractice);

injuries on another’s premises from an unsafe condition (slip and fall, defective handrails, poorly designed wheelchair ramps and flares, merchandise collapses, parking lot neglect, defective power doors, elevators and escalators);

injuries from vehicular accidents including commercial vehicles (tractor trailer units, drunk or intoxicated drivers, distracted drivers, cell phone users, texters and other negligent drivers)

injuries from drivers who do not have liability insurance (if you complied with the law and have insurance, we can proceed against your insurer for a non-fault uninsured motorist claim, which will not affect your rates)

injuries from exposures to toxins or an unsafe environments (including mold cases and other toxic exposures at work or at the fault of others;

injuries from criminal activities on the property of others (if you are assaulted, sexually victimized, raped, battered or otherwise the victim of a physical or mental injury on the premises of another or on a common carrier such as a bus, you may have a claim against the property owner or common carrier-call for consultation);

injuries or occupationally induced conditions/diseases;

or injuries from dangerous products, drugs or medications.

When a client sustains injury, we aggressively pursue an investigation. We review the codes in effect, industry standards and practices, the medical standards, relevant literature, standards of conduct and prior cases. We will search for evidence to help us prove that the injury is the direct result of the conduct or condition and the fault of the tortfeasor. We will search the medical standards for literature to support our physician’s opinions on medical causation. We routinely hire physician experts from local and national experts on the pertinent subject matters. Whatever evidence is necessary and relevant to proving and supporting a case, we will seek to put before a jury. We use Powerpoint and other computer applications and we typically visually record chosen deposition testimony for use at trial. We consider our firm to be on the cutting edge of high tech applications for use during mediations, arbitrations and trials. For the types of cases we handle and some successful past results, see our past experiences.  Many of our cases settle at mediation after the opposition and their insurers see our visual presentations.

There are many other areas of law which we pursue, including insurance coverage disputes pertaining to homeowner and insurance claims and other insurance law issues, builders’ liability, commercial litigation and professional malpractice. We succeeded in a case against the Missouri Insurance Guarantee Fund, having the Court enter judgment for the Fund’s limits of liability on a child’s claim and the derivative claim of her mother arising from the same injury.  We pursue, litigated and settled several discrimination claims.

Our firm is a litigation firm. We are licensed in Missouri and Illinois.  We have acted as legal counsel in civil cases filed in Courts from Kansas City and Springfield, Missouri, to Peoria and Decatur, Illinois.

We have or are currently representing clients as co-counsel in cases filed in Florida, Texas, Minnesota and California, in addition to our home states of Missouri and Illinois.

Many of our clients have health plans through their employer. These plans seek to obtain a part of your recovery under federal ERISA laws. Many law firms simply pay these claims from the settlement as demanded. Our firm has a policy and practice of aggressively fighting these claims for the benefit of our clients. We have developed a trade secret process which has netted our clients a larger part of the settlement. We require the health plan to prove every aspect of their claim for reimbursement of their medical expenses and to prove their rights to reimbursement in questionable claims. In many cases, we have put additional thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in our client’s pockets.

We have represented clients in worker’s compensation claims all over Missouri and Illinois. We have argued cases before the Labor and Industrial Commission, the Missouri Court of Appeals for the Eastern District of Missouri, Illinois Court of Appeals for the Fourth and Fifth Judicial Circuit, the Supreme Court of Missouri, the Supreme Court of Illinois, and the Federal Eight Circuit Court of Appeals. We have presented issues and filed Writs in THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATE OF AMERICA. We are licensed to practice law in THE STATE OF MISSOURI, STATE OF ILLINOIS, THE FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF MISSOURI, THE FEDERAL EIGHTH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS and THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Just because we file lawsuits does not indicate that we do not make every reasonable effort to resolve claims prior to filing suit when appropriate. Our firm evaluates claims through a complicated formula which is not purely mathematical.  We analyze the jury verdict potentials based upon an assessment and blending of many factors, including: liability; status of parties; venue of the case; quality of the witnesses; the reasonable value of the damages; and many other factors.  This process is our trade secret, work product and stock-in-trade. We make every effort to obtain the advice and opinions of health care professionals regarding physical disabilities and prognosis. We do not evaluate claims based upon what insurance adjusters are willing to offer and what some other attorneys may recommend to clients.  We customarily spend whatever funds it takes on our client’s case to positively increase the value of the case.  Sometimes this runs into the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.  Our clients are not responsible to pay these costs unless we obtain a recovery.

If we must go to trial for the resolution of your claim, not only do we make every reasonable effort to obtain and put before the jury all favorable evidence, but also we attempt to professionally choreograph your trial using live or video taped medical and expert testimony as well as other key testimony. We regularly enlarge photographs and regularly provide the jury with evidence through a projector with use of the program Power Point. We also subpoena favorable witnesses and use enlarged physical exhibits and demonstrative aids to assist in the presentation of your claim. We strive to make informed recommendations regarding the conclusion of your claims, but our clients control their own destiny.

We do not pay to advertise in the mass media, including: television, cable, radio or newspaper. The vast majority of our current clients have been referred to us by previous clients and their friends and family as well as other attorneys who do not concentrate in our areas of practice. Therefore, we have a real stake in the continued satisfaction or our clients. Our reputation is our future.  Word of mouth is our bread and butter.  For these reasons, should be your first stop for your legal needs.