Daniel J. Gauthier

Pedroli & Gauthier, LLC



My name is Daniel J. Gauthier. I was born in December of 1962 in Green Bay Wisconsin. In 1981 I moved to St. Louis to attend St. Louis University. I graduated from St. Louis University in 1985 earning degrees for both the School of the Arts and Science of the School of Social Science.

I then attended St. Louis University School of Law, graduating in 1988. I have been a practicing attorney in the St. Louis area since 1988. I am licensed to practice before the Missouri Bar, the Illinois Bar, the Federal District Court of the Eastern District of Missouri.

I began as an associate attorney for Krupp and Pedroli, later I was a senior attorney of Robert H. Pedroli & Associates and finally am now working as a principle for Pedroli & Gauthier.

Most of my work concentrated in the civil area. We represent plaintiffs, claimants and employees. We handle workers’ compensation cases, auto accident, slips and falls and medical malpractice cases. We also help our clients with criminal and municipal offences.

In addition to my legal experience, I am very active in the St. Louis Community. I have been involved in local politics, including helping to incorporate the City of Green Park. I have sat on zoning boards and helped start neighborhood organizations. I am a trustee for my neighborhood and I help coach my three children’s sports teams.