I-44 Rear-Ender

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hit by a suv at highway speed

In 2010, we settled a suit against a negligent driver (non-commercial vehicle) who rear ended our client on the Interstate causing him to be rear ended again by another vehicle. Our client was rendered unconscious and was in a coma for six weeks. We obtained court intervention and named his Mother as his legal representative so that we could file suit to aid in immediate discovery. This gave us subpoena power and allowed us immediate access to evidence.

Through our immediate intervention we were able to inspect all three vehicles, contact witnesses on behalf of the client, conduct a site inspection with an accident reconstructionist in order to aid in a reconstruction of important elements of the accident. We were able of obtain 911 tapes and locate numerous additional witnesses not listed on the police report in order to better understand the facts surrounding the accident.   One of these witnesses heard the other driver make statements to support our case.  Our client sustained a brain injury and a fracture to his spine that did not result in any spinal cord injury. The total settlement was $1,300,000.00.  This was for the policy limits available on the offending vehicle.  The money was placed in a structured annuity which will provide for lifetime benefits for the victim.

The case was settled within five months of the accident.  This allows our client to have access to better medical treatment and to provide an income stream during his recovery. He is well on the road to recovery. He has regained significant physical function, a full level of consciousness and has been discharged from the hospital.

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rear of vehicle is in backseat

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