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We represent injured workers for ANY AND ALL workers’ compensation injuries including: repetitive stress (carpal tunnel syndrome); psychological stress; burns, amputations, dental, cardiac stress; pulmonary impairment; reactive airways disease; traumatic brain injuries; back and disc injuries; knees, shoulders and other joint injuries and occupational conditions; electrical shock/neurological injury (electrocution is death caused by electrical shock) and disabilities caused by scars. We have won and settled permanent total disability claims as well as employee death claims. We have been successful in cases involving: injury from chemicals and toxins; injuries occurring on production and assembly lines of large corporations; injuries caused by production machinery and injuries caused by electrical shocks. We will pursue cases against any liable third party that caused your work related injury and this will typically give you additional recovery and allow your employer or their insurer recover some of their costs paid to you for your injury.

Since August of 2005, when the new workers’ compensation laws became effective in Missouri, we have seen an ever increasing number of proper and legitimate claims be denied by insurers prior to the worker hiring our firm. One of the most significant claims was a new definition on injury at and accident.  In Missouri injured workers must show that work was the prevailing factor (not just a substantial factor) in causing the resulting disability or medical condition.  An accident under the new Missouri workers compensation law is defined as an unexpected traumatic event or unusual strain identifiable by the time and place of occurrence caused by a specific event during a single work shift.  The prevailing factor is defined as the primary factor or relation to any other factor, causing both the medical condition and disability.  these changes were not intended to benefit employees filing legitimate claims.  Given these changes and the complexities on Missouri workers compensation law it is more important than ever to have a Missouri workers compensation lawyer review your claim and protect your rights.  Today we are fighting for medical treatment and comparability for our clients in claims that were never or rarely disputed in the past. If you are told that you’re injury is not compassable and you need to obtain your own medical treatment, CALL US IMMEDIATELY as your claim may be harmed without legal advice. We have handled and won multiple workers’ compensation cases in the appellate courts. BEWARE OF AGGRESSIVE UNSCRUPULOUS ADJUSTERS. IT IS ILLEGAL FOR AN EMPLOYER TO RETALIATE AGAINST ANYONE FOR EXERCISING THEIR WORKER’S COMPENSATION RIGHTS.

Our lawyers handle cases throughout the States of Illinois and Missouri.

Some of the types of injuries we have handled are as follows: scalp lacerations; psychological injuries; brain damage; burns and scars; dental injuries; fractured jaws; hearing loss; vision loss; herniated and Bulging discs; sciatic problems; rotator cuff tears; cubital surgeries; carpal and tarsal tunnel; operated knees, shoulders, ankles; any fracture.

In addition, we regularly handle cases for employees who have strains, of all parts of their body. In the increasing hostile political environment we continue to fight for our clients to obtain their rights and benefits.

We have filed claims against employers and their insurers small and large, including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Anheuser Busch, Hussman Refrigeration, Tokyo Marine, City of St. Louis, County of St. Louis, State of Missouri, MSD, UE, AT&T, Harris Stowe State College, St. Louis University, Barnes Hospital, SSM, and a long list of others. We are willing to investigate all claims for any injured employees against any employer.

The type of injuries we have handles came from all causative factors including repetitive stress, electric, falls, automobile accident, crush injuries, chemical spills, burn spills, lifting injuries, needle stick injuries, gun shot wounds, etc…

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