Traffic and Criminal Law Fees

The below fees are our commonly charged fees for the St. Louis area, but fees may differ depending on the circumstances and jurisdiction of the charges. Attorneys’ fees may vary depending upon the specific circumstances and location of your case. Fees do not include fines and court costs. Payment can be cash, check, money order, VISA or MasterCard. Below is a general rate fee table. To request a free consultation and specific fee quote for your case, click here, or contact us by telephone.  (314) 726-1817


OFFENSE                                                                                    PRICE

SpeedingUp to 19 mph over limit                                                $75.00

SpeedingOver 19 mph over limit                                                $100.00

Improper Lane Change                                                              $75.00

Electrical Signal                                                                         $75.00

Stop Sign                                                                                   $75.00

No Proof of Insurance                                                                 $75.00

Failure to Appear or Need Warrant Pulled                                   $75.00

Additional Continuance Obtained For Client                              $40.00

Careless and Imprudent Driving                                               $225.00

1st DWI                                                                                     $1,000.00

2nd DWI                                                                                      $1,500.00

Obtain Copy of Missouri Driving Record (Required-All Cases)         $7.50

Minor in Possession of Alcohol                                                       $500

Possession of a Controll Substance (Marijuana)                              $500

Possession of Drug Paraphanalia                                                  $500

Our charges for representing a client for a misdemeanor begin at  $1,000.

Our charges for representing a client for a felony begin at               $2,500.