Product Liability


Confidential Settlement Eye Injury Caused By Children’s Toy, Kitchen Set in Federal Court


PRODUCT LIABILITY SUIT: This is a case against the supplier and seller of toys which are rendered dangerous by their design, lack of age appropriateness or warning.

PARTIES:  Five-year-old child v. Toy distributor for a Chinese manufacturer of the subject toy.

TYPE OF CLAIM:  Product liability claim for dangerously rigid plastic knife for kitchen toy set advertised for 4-6 year old children.  Knife had rigid serrated edge and caused injury to eye. It was claimed that the toy was inappropriate as manufactured for this age group.

DAMAGES:  Torn cornea from plastic play knife, which required surgical repair.  Child had good recovery with minor visual defect and the paid medical expenses were about $5,000.00.

SETTLEMENT:  Structured settlement with future payments.  Present value of settlement is worth nearly $100,000.00.  The greatest share of the settlement went towards an annuity for the future education of the child.  The case settled months prior to trial and after expert discovery was commenced.

COMMENT:  Even though there is significant government regulation of toys, foreign manufacturers and domestic producers can slip dangerous toys into our market.  Please examine your child’s toys regarding safety issues and age appropriateness.

Toys can cause choking, lacerations, punctures, burns and blunt trauma.  Toys must be age appropriate as well.  Warning should be placed on the toy if these warnings are necessary to know for the safe use of the toy, including age appropriateness information.


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