Auto Accident


(Parties cannont be revealed)

Auto Accident – St. Louis County

Client v. Defendant

Attorney: Robert H. Pedroli, Jr.

Type of Claim: 20 Year old driver allowed thirteen year old girl and twelve year old boy to ride on trunk lid while she drove around block in their neighborhood. Driver allegedly went too fast around corner causing children to fall, client hit head. Defendant’s insurer, American Family denied liability and claimed comparative fault and assumption of risks for car surfing.

Damages: Non-displaced fracture to skull with temporary altered sense of smell. Three day admission to Children’s Hospital, and two follow up visits with physician.

There were approximately $16,000.00, in medical bills and no future treatment needed, no brain injury was diagnosed.

Settlement: At mediation with impending trial scheduled, for an annuity and cash totaling $147,690.00, current value.