Auto Accident




Client v. Bi-State Development Agency

Plaintiff’s Attorney: Robert H. Pedroli, Jr. & Daniel J. Gauthier

Type of Claim: car/bus collision; Plaintiff, about 17 years old at the time, alleged that she was driving a car and was stopped at an intersection when a bus rearended her stopped car. Plaintiff claimed the bus driver failed to keep a careful lookout.

Defendant disputed the permanency of plaintiff’s alleged injuries.

Damages/Injuries Alleged: soft tissue neck, continuing post-traumatic headaches; medical specials: about $2,500.

Last Demand: $57,500

Last Offer: $30,000

Verdict: Returned March 12, 1999 for plaintiff $125,000; defendant motion for new trial and remittitur was denied; plaintiff’s motion for pre-judgement interest was granted increasing the judgement to $157,000.