Premise Liability


Client and Spouse v. John Doe Hospital (In-Patient Psychiatric Unit)

Plaintiff’s Attorney: Robert Pedroli, Jr.

Type Of Claim: Client called suicide hotline and was taken by police to St. Louis area hospital and admitted as a patient into psychiatric unit . Patient attempted suicide by hanging in patient room on the locked unit. Plaintiffs claimed that the staff failed to closely monitor the patient after an incident and that the room was not up to national standards for safe design for psychiatric in-patients. Defendants denied liability and claimed the room meet standards.

Damages: Permanent brain injury due to anoxia (lack of oxygen) and need to have a level of supervision for his life. The defendant denied the nature and extent of the injury and claimed the patient significantly recovered from his injury. Defendant also claimed that injury was caused by intentional conduct of plaintiff which could not be predicted or prevented.

Medical Bills: $99,000.00

Settlement: $500,000.00 during second mediation session, and shortly prior to trial. Discovery and depositions were substantially completed.