Premise Liability

(Parties cannont be revealed)
2007 Premise Liability – St. Louis City

Client V. Client’s Mother and Client’s Aunt

Attorney: Robert H. Pedroli Jr.

Type of Claim: Client at mothers and Aunt’s home, when asked to put piece of carpet on second floor rear enclosedporch. Porch collapsed and client fell 10 feet. Claim brought against owners, homeowners liability insurance carrier.
Mother and Aunt obtained separate counsel to protect their interests separate and above the level of insurance coverage. The amount of coverage was $400,000.00. Insurer claimed no coverage for family member and no liability because there was no notice of a danger to the owners. Owners testified that the porch made a noise and had previously slightly shifted in the wind.

Damages: permanent injury to anus and back surgery.

Medical Bills: Approximately $50,000.00

Total Settlement: $395,000.00